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WOW,  All I can say is WOW! Border Pest Control is amazing! They are personable, knowledgeable, and very thorough. We have been battling ants for the last few years and has been getting worse each year. This spring they cropped up everywhere, including inside the house. Jeff came out right away and just after 2 applications, they are non-existent!  I cannot express how pleased I am with their service and expertise. I learned more about ants than I ever wanted, but am glad for Jeff and Holly's experience and education! Thank you!

Amy M.

Border did work on my mother's house last summer. Everyone from their office staff to their laborers was knowledgeable, friendly, and on task, They gave an honest price on incredible work. I would recommend Jeff, Holly, and Justin to anyone needing critters removed from their home. 

Jason F.

After finding a flying squirrel in our home in Three Lakes. I make a call to Border Pest Control. They were very helpful. They are top notch and I urge anyone who has any form of pest problem to make the call to Border Pest Control. 

Anthony M.